“Do what you love and they will love what you do"
Tania Oosthuizen

Raising Rhino Rands raises funds for various Rhino Orphanages, Veterinary Organisations and Sanctuaries in South Africa to cover food bills, vet bills, and the general day to day costs of rescuing, helping, protecting and rehabilitating these precious, incredible orphans.

We do this by making beautiful material rhino’s of various sizes, the adoption of each then donates a percentage of that adoption to the organisation of your choice! So, you GET something when you GIVE something.

Through our Raising Rhino People project we skill, train, educate and employ local women in various communities;

Our Small Business programme endeavors to create an opportunity for rural women to make and sell these stuffed toys to their local game reserves, with the aim of creating a connection to the Reserve, awareness for the animals within it, as well as a work opportunity owned and run by the community rather than an outside organisation.

Our Education programme, in association with Action for Rhino’s, engages and teaches young rural children the importance of protecting our wildlife through literature, a small rhino toy (see our adopt a rhino – donate to a child programme) and practical outings. 

We believe in the power of connection and in order for this to be possible we need to work through apathy, resentment and fear.

Our children truly are our future!